"a really powerful portrait" - Darren Aronofsky

"The refreshing result might very well be the most important film about gun control made so far."

-Jose Solis, StageBuddy

"fiercely provocative doc from a talented filmmaker, highly recommended"

-Rian Johnson, director

"Director Jessica Solce just has to know there would be no easy way out of this."

-Christopher Stripp, SlashFilms

"explores the murky waters of gun rights, giving voice to advocates from both sides."
- The Huffington Post

What began as a simple premise of questioning – what does gun control mean, what is the efficacy of the laws being discussed and/or implemented and will these laws work to lower the rate of gun deaths in the US – then morphed into a much larger and timely discussion of freedom, control, civil rights, regulations and the variant levels we are willing to demand them.


No Control discovers the futility in seeing the gun debate as simply that of material ownership; to do so is to overlook the importance of choice, risk and freedom which define the United States.